Monika - Banking for Deputies

The Money Carer Foundation has provided this dedicated site for professional deputies and attorneys to receive detailed information about our banking and payment processing service. The service is a partnership between Cashplus Bank and Money Carer and is delivered via 'Monika', our proprietary banking, payments and alerts platform.

We work with many large and small Court of Protection departments from leading law firms along with client finance departments of local government councils who have chosen to partner with us and utilise the banking, payment processing and reporting systems that Monika provides for professional deputies and attorneys. 

Monika can be integrated into existing case management systems easily to provide a seamless flow of transaction data, statements and payment authentication and verification information for SRA and OPG reporting purposes.

Quite simply, we are unrivalled in this specialist area and, as we also manage the finances of thousands of vulnerable people nationally, we really do understand the unique complexities and challenges this field of work brings.

The Money Carer Foundation is an award-winning national social enterprise founded in 2009 and we were chosen to represent Best Practice and Innovation in the finance category in the 2018 Parliamentary Review in recognition of our achievements and creative problem-solving abilities.

To learn more about how Monika can assist you please read more here.